Our nine bases in Japan to fully support Rensulting®

We have expanded the Tokyo / Osaka DL Center as well as seven Techno Park Controlling Factories nationwide as our bases for Rensulting.

The DL Centers corresponding to two missions

The DL Centers respond to orders from any site as a distributor 24 hours a day in cooperation with other factories.
It maintains and inspects most rental equipment in metropolitan area or western Japan. Another one of its missions is to function as a core of Rensulting.A total of 100 engineers and researchers have developed new technologies and products in technical laboratories in the Tokyo DL Center. The DL Centers also functions as a facility for human resource training.

Note: The DL Center's "D" means "Delivery" and "L" means "Laboratory."

Techno Parks for comprehensive maintenance bases

The seven Techno Parks nationwide have a vast rental equipment lineup and a large number of machinery stored within its spacious locations.
Those Techno Parks are comprehensive maintenance bases for Rensulting; they connect with the local community, and function as disaster prevention centers in case of disaster.

We are cultivating Actio Forest.

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