Founded in 1967, AKTIO has made great strides in the construction machinery rental industry.
In addition to our track record in the construction and civil engineering fields, we also handle a wide range of specialized fields such as industrial machinery, cranes, roads, forestry, demolition, and events, while also actively working on digital transformation and providing solutions that are environmentally friendly.
We own a wide variety of machinery and develop human resources to meet the needs of our customers and society quickly and accurately. We have sales and maintenance bases throughout the country that make full use of all these assets.
In particular, we have our own Techno Park Controlling Factories, which is located in eight locations throughout Japan. In addition to functioning as a maintenance and logistics base, it also has research and development and training functions for various machines. In addition, we have DL Centers in Tokyo and Osaka which serve as delivery bases, enabling Just-in-Time delivery.
We will continue to practice our core competency, "Rensulting®" (rental + consulting), which finds solutions to our customers' issues through rental services and aim for further growth and advancement.

Naohito Konuma / President and COO of AKTIO Corporation Naohito Konuma
President and COO of
AKTIO Corporation

Our Motto: Creativity and Innovation

  • Rental services are needed in various projects. They are used in all sorts of jobs, from housing construction to major undertakings such as construction of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.
  • Besides cooperating with construction companies as the leading firm in the field of construction machinery rental, we are expanding our services to a wide range of other business fields including distribution and plants.
  • We engage in proposal-oriented sales (rensulting®) for customers.
  • The term “rensulting®” is a coinage combining “consulting” and “rental.”
  • Attaching paramount importance to youthfulness and individuality, we strive to create workplaces enabling employees to fully exercise their capabilities.
  • We fulfill the trust placed in us by our customers through activities in keeping with our watchwords “speed, service, and safety.”
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Our Solution


Consulting and rental services "Rensulting®"

AKTIO started its rental business by renting a submersible pump."It is more effective to rent necessary things than owning them." We have firmly established this common knowledge in the construction field and civil engineering fields.In order to further evolve this rental business, AKTIO started to advocate "Rensulting" in 2000, which added consulting services to our rental business.We have been continuing to propose the optimum machines according to customer's environment, situation and process.In Rensulting, we also respond to customers' additional needs by proposing our original machines, which are developed with manufacturers if the appropriate equipment for the customer does not exist.

Proposed rental [Rensulting(R)]

Evolving "Rensulting®"

i-Rensulting = i-Construction + Rensulting®
The construction and civil engineering field is facing structural change. To solve issues such as shortage in human resources, aging of experts, increase in work volume, complexity, and precision, it is required to follow the new standard of construction process, i-Construction, which was established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.Introducing "full use of ICT (ICT civil engineering)" etc. on construction and civil engineering sites will greatly improve productivity and safety.Rensulting by AKTIO that corresponds to this i-Construction has evolved into i-Rensulting.We introduce state-of-the-art technology, develop human resources and collaborate with new industries as well as rent equipment to offer more solutions than ever before.

Evolving [Rensulting(R)]

Expanding "Rensulting®"

It is more effective to rent equipment than owning them. In addition, it is possible for customers to rent the most suitable equipment when we provide consulting service.AKTIO is extending this Resulting to new fields.While responding to the changing social structure due to the declining birthrate and aging population, shortage of human resources, loss of experience and technology due to retirement of experts, Rensulting challenges various fields.

Expanding [Rensulting(R)]

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